Politico-CHANGE that shows what we believe in

*Disclaimer-the recent book unchristian says that unbelievers think evangelicals are too political. The truth is politics matter. Leadership of the free world matters. Theology in practical action matters. For that reason, I couldn't resist:

I don't know if you've been following the DNC or not, but it is a pretty big show around here. I'll admit, I watched the first two nights to see how the Clinton regime would cover up all of the low blows they dealt to Obama over the last 18 months. You can look at other blogs or "fair and balanced" main stream media to determine all of the errors the Clintons, particularly Bill, piped to the crowd last night. I'm amazed at how quickly people loose sight of how miserable Bill Clinton's foreign policy and experience were the first two years of his term--Rwandan genocide, Serbia, and allowing the 9/11 masterminds to build their attack.

Another laughable moment was when Biden, last nights main speaker, said that he and John McCain were "good friends, and you hear those words thrown around a lot, but I mean it!" The next fifteen minutes were spent not questioning his policies, which would be understandable, but questioning the moral judgment of the man whom he called "friend". Anyone who follows Biden knows that it isn't the first time his mouth has gotten the best of him (check the speech last night for his ramblings about "flickering lights"). In fact, both Sean Hannity and the National Review are quick to point out how Biden questioned Obama's experience and said that he would love to run on the same ticket as McCain. I guess another aspect of the CHANGE of mind that the Obama campaign has peddled.

Even more than these CHANGEs, the thing that has blown my mind is the amount of under 30 evangelical Christians who have drank the Obama kool-aid. I won't go into my views on the post-Christian era and post-modern Christianity, but come on... does anyone know what biblical character is? Has anyone ever considered the moral standards of God's word? I understand that America's fiscal future looks a little dim right now. I, too, have experienced the pains at the pump and Dr.'s office; yet, how quickly we abandon the standards of God's word for the sake of relief in our wallets! A good pulse from the under 30 evangelical crowd came when Relevant Magazine's editor, Cameron Strang, accepted the request to pray at the DNC. Days before the event, he declined. Donald Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz, accepted. Cameron's blog, http://relevantmagazine.com/releblog/category/cameronsqa/, explains his rationale... and the guy is overwhelmingly praised. I understand that my generation is upset at the hypocrisy and lack of true kingdom living in the church the past several decades. However, should we abandon all of our principles... should we abandon the word of God... should we engage in syncretism? The children of Israel from Exodus 32 on can show us how that turns out.

Finally, there are the recent comments Obama has made about Iran (another CHANGE). I'm pretty sure Biden and Obama disagree about the use of intimidation tactics. Biden claimed that Bush/McCain ignored the problems with Putin, but Obama called it out. Biden said that it needed to be stopped. All I know is, the truths of Ezekiel, the whole Gog and Magog thing, are pretty clear. Iran is a threat. Joel Rosenberg's book Epicenter and his blog clearly outline how prophecy is being fulfilled each day in the Middle East. Yet, Obama says that it is a "tiny" threat? (McCain's recent add, embedded below, is extremely poignant) The Democrats are right on this one thing, the state of affairs in America is grim. When we allow a man who has been involved in genocide, stock piling of nuclear weapons, and who has repeatedly threatened to "wipe Israel off the map" to come to our country and speak in our institutions... yet, the President of Iran has been invited to come back to Columbia University this year.

All of this CHANGE, shows that the American people do not know truth. I'm not whole heartedly endorsing McCain. I'm not saying, as other radical Republicans, that Jesus would vote for McCain. I am saying that when an evangelical goes to vote, to exercise the freedom of his/her democratic voice, the standards of God's Word should not be checked at the door. McCain has issues too! Does that mean we put our evangelical heads in the sand until Christ comes back? No, we continue to try and redeem the culture, penetrating it with the light of the gospel message. We continue to be in the world, but certainly not of it. We continue to follow Christ's example of justice and mercy woven together.

All of the politics shows America's abandonment of the true gospel. America really is at a cross-roads.

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