Palin Covered

I'm not a conspiracy theorist... usually. However, recent happenings in the world of politics coupled with a fascinating book I've been reading by Hugh Hewitt called Blog has me considering the strings of the puppet masters. This morning I was downing my usual cup of coffee while scanning the various news channels. Last night I stayed up late watching the RNC lineup--the First Lady, Mr. President, Bill Thompson and Joe Liberman were all show stoppers. Bill Thompson, however, went the extra mile and really cut to the chase on the character and record of both Senator McCain and Sara Palin. If you didn't see his speech, you should check it out on

On Friday there was dancing in the streets in conservative Chattanooga when McCain announced Palin. One of our friends, who is in the government system, said it was "brilliant!" Over the weekend, however, the far left task force went on their way to destroy the character and resolve of this strong, independent woman. They referenced "scandal" for Palin wanting her ex-brother in law fired as a police officer for tazing a teenager and driving in his squad car under the influence. Then the news came out that Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. One gross media outlet went so far as to say that Palin's 5 month old child with Downs Syndrome was actually the 17 year old's first child! Finally, this morning Fox News' Megyn Kelley pointed out the inconsistencies in the far left media by showing the above two covers of US Weekly. Conspiracy theory or not, the owner of US Weekly is also the owner of Rolling Stones. According to Megyn, he is also the contributor of massive amounts of money to the... Obama campaign.

Regardless of your political position. You need to watch Palin's speech tonight. If you're a student, you should watch expectantly for the hope of your country. If you're one of the disenfranchised, you should eagerly await the mavericks to shake things up. Finally, if you're one of the ones that have decided not to vote because your cookie cutter candidate isn't out there... shame on you for not exercising your democratic voice. As Edmond Burke said, "Evil prospers when good men do nothing."

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