Acorn, Ayers... Why doesn't anybody care?

I thought I'd share a recent, random conversation over facebook. The names have not been changed to protect the identity of those involved. I will add, though, that there is a balance between recognizing what Daniel says: "It is He {God} who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings (Daniel 2)" and our democratic, civil responsibility as Christians. Here is the conversation, beginning with a someone I know saying that they are changing their political views:

Jayme just contributed $20 to the Obama Campaign :) GO CHANGE! 4:14pm - 11 comments

Jeremy Lucarelli at 4:16pm October 9
You've drank the kool-aid too?

Jayme Cloninger at 4:16pm October 9
No, I really do have a change of heart (no pun intended)!!

Jayme Cloninger at 4:20pm October 9
After the downfall of the market, I think it is time for another group to give government a try.

Jared Michael Burtner at 4:52pm October 9
so, you want to give socialism a try?

Ryan Galloway at 5:01pm October 9
With the Dow at 8000, I'd give anything other than Bush's economic policies a try :)

Jeremy Lucarelli at 7:06pm October 9
Talk to Dem. Barney Frank, Dodd, and Cox! Take a look into all rhetoric no action Obama's association with Acorn and how they pressured banks to make subprime loans. If you're gonna drink the Kool-aid, at least know what your getting into--pure socialism.

Andrea Cloninger at 8:50am October 10
Haha Jeremy Lucarelli ---> --- Obama isn't the only one with ties to this mess --- purely ridiculous.

Jeremy Lucarelli at 10:33am October 10
Over, done, dealt with... he made restitution for something that happened over 20 years ago. Obama however continues to lie about his associations saying that Ayers was "someone in the neighborhood" though he served for 7 years on a board with him, kicked off his campaign in his living room, and received massive contributions for his campaign. Obama was a lawyer for Acorn, getting his ears wet with their fraud tactics. Now, look what happens--

Jeremy Lucarelli at 10:37am October 10
Vote character and righteousness, not rhetoric--

Andrea Cloninger at 10:53am October 10
I love how can forgive one side so easily... and the other? Well, you spoke. Ayers? Ayers blew up things when Obama was 9... ummm, yeah, k, thanks. Vote common sense, and revoke Jeremy Lucarelli's citizenship.

Jeremy Lucarelli at 11:43am October 10
Do you live in Ohio or North Carolina where voter fraud is rampant? If so, you should run for Sec. of State!

All sarcasm aside, this is what America is about--democracy. Free speech, responsibility, free elections, open debate, and fact checking. The issue is not how old he was or on the flip side, how long ago the Keating thing took place, but the current attitude towards it. You have one example that happened 20 years ago verses countless current examples—Ayers, Wright, Rezco, Acorn, Flager, Chavez, and Castro.

It is sad, however, to note that common sense has replaced righteousness and moral character in your view. The economy is a big deal--socialism vs. capitalism. Terrorism is also a big deal--one who aligns himself with terrorist vs. one who fights. Infanticide is a big deal too--one candidate who openly supported it in the IL corridors of law and a ticket who not only diametrically opposes it, but practically lives it. Talk about a great example of social justice!