I just received this email:
Mr. Lucarelli...This is facebook... but all fun aside, I take great offense to the comment "common sense replaced righteousness and moral character in your view." Such a broad, solid statement for someone who has read a few paragraphs where I outline neither righteousness nor moral character. You have no idea about my views of either of those things. Your assumption that there are only two possible sets of values, pitted against one another, is a false dichotomy. However, it does add to the flavor of my sister's facebook wall. For that I thank you, because Jayme will have fun reading when she logs on tonight. -Andrea

My response:
It is unfortunate that you were offended.

With my citizenship in tact, however, I merely noticed the apparent contrast between what I said, "vote righteousness" and your subsequent comment, " common sense, have Jeremy Lucarelli's citizenship revoked."

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