Tea Party--stimulate responsibility!

Anyone hear the chants of, "No taxation without information," or "Give me Liberty or give me debt," in their neck of the woods? Chances are, others are chanting. No longer will I be apart of the silent majority! I'm not a math person, but someone described the growing 1 trillion dollar stimulus package like this:



While I was in Lawrence, KS this past weekend I saw this report playing in the background of my hotel room (the guy I was rooming with was watching while I was working on another paper).


As a result of the nationalized banks, paying for other people's mortgages, and the looming infiltration of socialism to every strata of our society, I'm joining a Tea Party. Yes, I know what some of you will say... "We're supposed to pray for our government." Oh, let me reassure you, we've been praying! We've been realizing that unless the king or the government officials turns his heart toward the Lord, then judgment falls upon the nation, not just Israel... but every nation (Ezekiel 14). We've also realized that Righteousness exalts a nation, pride comes before destruction, and that you can't build a house on greed and expect it to stand. So, we pray for the President... to repent and relent.

I'm not saying that it is wrong to help those that are in need! I believe the church has missed the mark when it comes to defending the helpless, widow, orphan, and alien. Even more personal, we've been evaluating our role in fulfilling this kingdom initiative within our community. However, this is not a call for government to take over. This, too, is another reason why our family is joining the Tea Party... maybe even organizing one here in Chattanooga. I work. I pay taxes. My tax money is going to things that do not promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Congress and the President are signing millions of dollars away without even reading the bill! Media is screaming that GOP members refuse to be bi-partisan on this issue... GOOD! It is about time some people stand up for the fundamentals of the party. In the meantime, my tax money is now rewarding and, thereby, enabling those who have made wrong choices. Why work? Why go to school? Why pay the mortgage, electric bill, or the credit card when other tax payers can pay the bill?

You might be mad too... as stocks continue to plummet, jobs are lost, and benefits dry up... while representatives and "Change We Can Believe In" continues to spend an unprecedented amount of our money. The only thing the stimulus packages have stimulated is the public outcry of Americans. Hopefully, it will stimulate the need for personal responsibility, revival, and a resurgence of the Judeo-Christian work ethic in this country.

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