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communityJeremy Lucarelli

Jesus was sent. We've been talking about that all of the time. David Livingstone, famous missionary to Africa, stated, "God had one Son and He sent Him as a missionary." We, too, as followers of Jesus are to live the life of Christ where He plants us. Incarnational Living or living the Christ-life is the only proper response to the Gospel.

Every individual within theGATHERING community is to be living this livestyle, striving to allow Jesus to live His live through the Spirit of God in them. Yet, when we all, as a faith family, pursue this same endeavor corporately... the kingdom advances.

Here are two corporate opportunities for you to get a kick start to missional living:

Missional Intersect Dallas

| October 22-23 | info at

Community Powered Revitalization

October 22-23 | info at

Choose from one of the following to DO SOMETHING NOW:

  • Water Missions - 1 in 6 people don't have access to clean water! Pick up a card at theGATHERING connection desk. Start reaching out to your neighbors to help solve this global problem $10 at a time.
  • Operation Warm-up | Bring a blanket or 10 to theGATHERING on 10.13, Perception Retreat, or theGATHERING on 10.20. We'll give the blankets to Missional Intersect Dallas to be distributed through HIS Bridgebuilders.