Over 25? Wanna be a passion "Door Holder?"

Hosting a gathering of 9,000+ College students can be a pretty daunting thing. Making Passion 2011 Fort Worth a reality will take an army of volunteers. Yeah, you might feel a little old since you can't officially attend Passion this year, but you can give the opportunity for thousands of College campuses to be impacted by the name of Jesus! Whether you're in your late 20's or 30's, a parent of a university student, married, single, or grandparents that want to see an awakening happen in this generation, you can help hold the door open, inviting 18-25 Year Olds to realize their identity in the grand story of God's kingdom. Volunteer roles include everything from pre-conference setup, hosting, reisgration, prayer, tear down and more. Upon registering to volunteer, you'll be assigned a specific volunteer role (based upon gifts, skills, past experience, and need). A Team Lead will contact you and communicate details about yoru volunteer responsibility prior to April 1. Passion requires all volunteers to be 26 years of old or older and to commit to serve for the entire three days of the gathering (which means that you'll miss David Platt at First Euless on April 3rd).

To register or to have more information about the specific roles or FAQ, please visit this page. If you're going to register, you must do so through passion's site, but please let our offices know so that we can make sure to pray for you! Either email us or post a comment below.