A Pastor, Precept, and Philippians!

Let me me introduce you to some of our Precept Bible Study Leaders that were in the middle of their Precept Leader Training experience. Also, let me introduce you to Pastor Vincent from Denver, Colorado. He was introduced to Precept when he was in the Air force through one of our Essentials of Inductive Bible Study Training Workshops. Now, he is serving as a pastor, asking the Lord to use Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method to help him make disciples that make disciples! You'll love hearing from him and the other leaders as well! (Video in post) 

4 Years Later. 1 Year Later. Jesus.

Prepare yourself for the blender. The Lord has been so good. He has poured out so much grace. I wanted to share those things with you, but it is going to be like putting several different ingredients in a blender. I pray that the Spirit turns it on and mixes them up for you as He has done for me this week. Four Years Later- Ferguson. One year later - Charlottesville and the change that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings. Jesus Changes Everything!

You're not the lightning bolt

Our team at Precept Ministries International has developed Lightning Studies. They're called Lightning Studies because they're just that - quick, stunning, and unique. Some folks want Lightning Studies to last a long time. Imagine how crazy it would be for a flash of lightning to stick around for forty-five minutes or an hour!

Nope. That's not fast enough.

Two Essential Questions of Bible Study & Busta'rhyme

Go deeper. Get to the foundation.

Here is the thing about inductive Bible study - it is a tool. It isn't about remembering the Bible, but that happens. It isn't about making lists or charts, but that happens too. It isn't so much about remembering the chronology or the geography or even the importance of context, though all of that happens too. First and foremost, it is about God. Inductive Bible study starts and ends with God. 

Precept Leader Profile | Candee

I absolutely love my job. I have the opportunity to connect with Precept Leaders, people who love and lead others to engage in a relationship with God through the study of His Word! Isn't that funny?!? People all over are saying, "I want to hear from God!" Well, Precept Leaders show people how to do that - Hear from God and get to know Him through the study of His Word!!!

Meet my friend, Candee!

Refugees - a journey out of confusion

The mere mention of the word conjures up emotion. Visceral News media and political pundit driven emotion. Rather than a binary choice - choose one option or the other., for or against - it is more of a spectrum, a sliding scale. Sadly, many Christians are confused, thinking it is only one or the other. While confused, they're also adamant-whatever side I'm on, the other side is evil. Weird, right? Adamant in their confusion. If someone wants to find out more information, they could turn on the news or search the interwebs - the adamant confusion then turns into a frenzy of shock and awe opinion, talking heads and either fear based commentary or guilt based commentary. Adamant confusion turns belligerent. 

There must be a more excellent way. There is an opportunity for us to listen and engage.

Chattanooga Fun!

Many of you have contacted us, letting us know that you saw us on TV. We love Chattanooga; we are so thankful that the Lord allowed us to move back here to raise our family. We were asked to be a part of a video shoot by a friend of ours. It was pretty surreal