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Philippians | How to Have Joy | Online

Join over 1,000 bible study students from around the world as we inductively study the book of Philippians Precept Upon Precept. For the first time, Precept Ministries is partnering with Logos Bible Software and Faithlife Groups in order to bring this inductive Bible study in an online format! In this nine week study, the Holy Spirit will help you discover some amazing things about joy, the gospel, and contentment. Our Precept Team, including David Arthur, Pete Delacy, Kay Arthur, and myself, will walk through it with you! We'll be using Precept's Precept Upon Precept study of Philippians, which is a nine-week inductive Bible Study. Content from each week will be available throughout the study, so you can join in at any point. It would, however, be great to start along with everyone the week of January 15th. 

If you haven't ever been in a Precept Upon Precept Discussion Group, don't worry. We'll have some orientation helps the week of January 8-14! You'll be ready to discuss with everyone when it gets rolling!

In order to join, you'll need:

1. Logos Bible Software - if you don't have it, you can download the free app on your mobile device or you can take the plunge and get one of their packages.

2. Within Logos, you'll need to add the Philippians Precept Upon Precept workbook to your library. Sorry that you missed out, it was the Logos free book of the month back in November! 

3. Then, you'll need to join the Faithlife Group, which is where we'll be posting all of the discussions. Some specifics on how all of this will work are there!