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1 Peter | How to Stand Firm When Tested

Are you prepared for suffering? Will trials and persecutions reveal your faith and bring glory to God? Let’s dig deep into what Peter says to believers enduring tribulations. Join Jeremy & Becky in an Inductive Study through the book of 1st Peter this Fall.

The Precept family in Chattanooga will be going through 1 Peter on campus in our Fall Bible Study. We’ll study 1 Peter inductively using Precept Upon Precept® and In & Out® studies, starting in September. There are many classes taking place on the campus of Precept Ministries throughout the week - you can check those out HERE. 

We, Jeremy & Becky, will be leading a group in our home on Wednesday evenings. If you're interested, please email us from the contact form and we'd love to answer any questions that you may have!

Are you interested in becoming a Trained Precept Upon Precept Leader? You can become trained to lead as we journey through this course. Just let us know when you email!

Orientation will be September 5th 6:30pm–8:30pm

This study on 1 Peter will be available in both Precept Upon Precept® and In & Out® versions. You can check out the Precept Upon Precept (PUP) HERE and the In & Out HERE. Please do not let the cost of the materials hinder you from coming - if you're interested and will commit, we'll figure something out together!

What are Precept Upon Precept and In & Out?
Precept Upon Precept® Bible Studies are in-depth, Inductive studies in an easy-to-follow, daily format that takes approximately one hour per day. When you’re ready to intimately understand the whole counsel of God, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, you’re ready for Precept Upon Precept®. 
In & Out® is a streamlined approach to the same material but requires fewer hours of study time.