Maggie's Early Birthday / Draper Send Off

Momma Kat (with Luc in sling), Amanda, Cambria, Maggie, Cara and Uncle Beau.
Jax and Clarity.
Cara and Beau.
'bella sporting some bling! She was borrowing Clarity's princess cell phone that matched her outfit.
Momma Kat and Luc, Becky and the birthday girl Maggie and the amazing carrot cake that Amader made.
Funny story behind this one... but not fit for blogosphere. Momma Kat, Luc, Becky and 'bella, whose reach for the cake was successful... big huge chunk of cake in her mouth in the next two or three seconds.
Happy pool day!!! The really tall kid is Amanda. Maggie and Cambria, Jax has his back to the camera and Clarity is about to pour out some water. 'bella is screaming.
Picture caught in the midst of one of 'bella's many dances!

MaMa and the King

Fun with Photobooth