Anxious, Christian?

 “It is difficult to tell where your anxiety disorder ends and where the actual news begins.”

I read that quote in the New York Times in a piece entitled America’s New Anxiety Disorder What do you think about it? What is the relationship between anxiety and facts? In other words, the author seems to be saying that it is hard to tell where the “What ifs?” end and where the facts, the truth about a situation begins. Take it even further – the individual is so wrapped up in the what might happen, the constant what-if scenarios, that the stress levels and blood pressure rise to a point that you’re not able to step back and ask, “What is true in this situation?” The individual then gets others around them, and you’ve got a firestorm on social media. Add to it 24/7 news coverage and it is no wonder why America’s anxiety.

Meet our Neighbors

Five years ago, our family was in a dark spot. We were wondering what God was doing, asking him for clarity and clear steps. One afternoon, Becky was at the playground with our two kids. Moms upon moms were there, trying to catch a moment of sanity and adult conversation while the little monkeys, I mean, while the kids got rid of some energy. In the course of the conversation, Becky geared up to share the gospel. Little did she know, the mom she was talking to was gearing up to do the same thing. We’ve been fast family friends ever since