Lake Norman V a c a t i o n

While the rest of the family was enjoying their time at the beach house, we were able to relax at my parent's house on Lake Norman. 'bella had her very first jacuzzi bath after spending some time lounging by the pool (I still had me-bathing suit on). Becky dumped in a lot of bubbles before leaving the room, not realizing that when the jacuzzi was turned on that the bubbles multiplied to the n-th degree! When Becky came back, 'bella and I were being drowned by bubbles. 'bella didn't know what to think at first, looking at the bubbles like a bunch of bugs that were trying to get her. However, after I showed her that they could be worn... blown... and that when you clap they go flying... well, let's just say that our limbs were a little prune-like before she wanted to get out. Here is a picture when she was a little unsure.

We had spent the whole day riding in the car, so when we got to my parent's house we decided to stretch our legs in the town of Davidson (where Davidson College is). We ate at a 1950's-esque place called the Soda Shop, which had some amazing burgers and Lime-Aides! Afterward, we walked around the college, which is where I used to spend my summers at Soccer Camp. 'bella was memorized by the huge trees and large areas to run and play (perfect after the day in the car!).
In addition to hanging out by the pool almost every day, on Tuesday 'bella was able to go out for some time on Lake Norman! Though she doesn't really like to sport the life vest, she really likes when the wind is in her hair. The sailboats caught her attention on our short ride, but the waves on the choppy main channel was not something our young thrill-seeker appreciated. Though it was more of a hassle to get the boat in the water and suited up, the joy ride was much appreciated. I so enjoy my family.

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