Goodbye Carolina

Our 3 weeks in NC came to an end. Each moment of the day was so special, beginning with 'bella and I watching Elmo extremely early in the morning. She loved it. I took the opportunity to get some more sleep. This was one of those rare occasions where Becky was able to sleep and I was up with the little one. MaMa took the time to redo 'bella's little nails. Honestly, it was a fight to the finish. She enjoyed the first foot, took the second, but started to cry like none other when Mom started on her hands. Mom ended up only getting one hand done before admitting defeat!

After a leisurely day by the pool and hanging out with the family, we all went over to J's house for dinner. Amy and Becky made sweet spread. J entertained the kiddies with the Lion King, which mesmorized Ben and 'bella. Uncle "G", as 'bella calls him, is the stuff. After dinner the kiddos played around in the pool, which was so much fun to watch! Becky and I both wished we lived closer so that Ben and Berea could hangout with 'bella all the time.

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