Veracity Group--Growth Update

Yo, family and friends,
First off, we appreciate your prayers over the past two years for the Veracity Group. We've learned a lot, both working with each other and working with Precept to get this thing out there. Precept is currently building a call center and will be making calls for the next several weeks to schools, home school organizations and other groups. Joshua and Judges are being sold as we speak. aJoseph and Abraham will be available in January. CBD, Christian book distributors, is promoting it in their online catalog while still considering promotion in their print catalog. Seven Star Schools, an online home school academy of 1,000+ students, will be offering Joshua and Judges to their students soon.

We've been informed that the next 60-90 days are critical! Please pray that the Lord will give everyone involved favor while making phone calls and promoting in person. Also, pray for our team. We are currently finishing our epic study on Exodus... which is a really long book! I'm finished with my writing aspect, but the writing of the teacher's guide, layout of both the student and teacher guide, and all of the academic helps are still in the works. Also, VG will be unveiling our new site within the next two weeks. Please pray for Dayron and I as we get everything coordinated and attempt a good mix of functional code and creative design. Pray for Mickey as he begins writing the prelim. units of I John and James.

We've heard so much positive feedback throughout the past two years. Though we've experienced some road blocks, we know that the Lord is the one tying up all of the loose ends. In front of my computer, where I work all day and write all night, is this verse, "The plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of His heart through all generations."

Thanks for your prayers,

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