Calling on the guys...

Sorry ladies, this one is for the guys.

A lot has changed since the time that we were considering what it means to be a man.
Many of us embarked on that journey alone. You can probably see the lack of male leadership within society today, but you are most likely more acquainted with the prevalent attack upon masculinity within both our society and our churches. Wherever you are in the battle, you know from waging your own war that boys are being attacked from every angle today. For most teenage guys (I hate the term teenage or adolescent) they are caught off guard and are naive because they do not have someone like Solomon warning them. Instead, everywhere they turn they see images that the world tells them are masculine, they see the broken lives of their own father's pursuite of those things, and they hear the siren's call that leads to death at a very young age. As you may also know, the Creator of masculinity has a lot to say on the topic of being a man and how one is to keep his way blameless. So, there in lies the dilemma--how to strategically teach and train this generation of boys on how to be a biblical men. In the time of their lives when boys are transitioning to physical men, they need to identify and feel a call to true-biblical manhood from their peers, teachers, coaches and most importantly, their dads.

For the past several years I have been developing an inductive curriculum for ages 11-20ish guys in my discipleship group. Through partnering with the dads, the Lord has developed a healthy environment for both the guys and their dads to discover what God says about being a man who radically influences his culture by living out the truth of God’s word. Through discipleship and mentorship, boys2MEN gives the opportunity for dads or father figures/mentors in their lives to initiate and equip their sons for the war of biblical manhood that exists today. To bottom line it for you, they are learning what God says about being a man for themselves.

This is where you come in...
I have tested/piloted the study several times with guys and their dads. All of the guys though are currently in the trenches. As you think back to your growth as a man, what do you wish that someone had shared with you concerning this topic?

Your insight is greatly valued.

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