Back to the start again

Many inside jokes will forever be veiled in regards to the Lucarelli's recent evening with Chris Martin and friends in Atlanta! The few that are mentioned here are just the beginning:

1. The Scientist--
Back when Becky and I were "taking some time off" before we got married... I gave her one of those "Don't read too far into the lyrical contents of this cd, but in case you do I mean every word on it" mix cds. On it was the Cold Play song "The Scientist" among other assorted amazing songs. At a time when I wanted Becky and I to be able to go "...Back to the start again..." I thought I would communicate that in lyrical fashion. Thanks Chris Martin, it worked.

Nobody said it was easy,It's such a shame for us to part.Nobody said it was easy,No one ever said it would be this hard.

Oh take me back to the start.

2. TicketMaster--
The tickets to this the 2nd of the ATL shows were highly coveted. I was sitting in the sound booth in the back of the auditorium at Precept, Kay was teaching and I was wondering how I was going to purchase tickets for Becky and I before they all sold old. Luckily, David and Brooke Ritterbush (who were also thinking the same thing and in the sound booth) started looking for good tickets when they went on sale. We both purchased tickets. Only thing, though David logged out... my 3 tickets for the concert (which were pretty pricey) went on David's card! Whoops.

3. Murphy's Law--
Everything that could have gone wrong the few days before the concert actually did go wrong. OK, not everything... but it was pretty close. Becky and I were sick. Bella had just gotten over croup. I had a million things to do. It wasn't the greatest time for J. to come work wise... but we endured.... even more than I'll go into... we endured. Bella hung out with "Aunt Biz and David" while Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle J. headed downtown. After figuring out what to do about the tickets, we sat and waited for the show. It seemed like we had been running all day long in a thousand different directions. When the bass was pumping, the lights shining, and the songs playing... everything melted away. What a great concert! It is a toss up between Dave and Cold Play... but I think Cold Play beat out Dave because of the recent loss of my fiddling friend.

Yet, still...
Becky made friends with the people next to us--a 3rd grade teacher whose last concert was Depeche Mode when she was on her first date with her now husband!

For those of you who don't own the Viva cd, you should obtain! For those that haven't experienced the old school (only a couple of years old) Cold Play, you should look into it.

Coming up on the 5th anniversary when Becky listened to the oh-so-not-subtle suggestions of my mix cd, I'm glad she listened to "The Scientist" and that we could listen to it together.

Bella and the fishies

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