Negative temperatures weren't as bad as I thought, though I had forgotten about the effect of breathing in all those icy knives!

Here are some highlights:

-the topic was tough, but the Lord allowed many to be confronted with what a true diciple is. I was able to have several conversations where the Lord had been orchestrating circumstances to allow the seeds of truth to take root. I was dog tired, but God tangibly reminded me of His grace.

-ski day was great! Becky and I are ready for an A-Basin trip! I tried my hand at the terrain park, but judging from my soreness, I probably shouldn't have, though much air was had!

-ice fishing... People really do it, not just Grumpy Old Men.

-black eye and blood from a full contact game of laundry ball. I'll explain later.

-seeing people get it!

I'm on the plane as I write this. I'll probably get stuck in Cinci overnight, which will kill my trek to ATL tonight so that I can be in class at 7.

The adventure continues.


Snow Day while Daddy is away