Spring? PLEASE!

We've had cabin fever. It has rained non-stop for the past several days. Max, the dog, has been going crazy. Bella, too, has been ready to get outside to run around in the grass. Mom and Dad, as well, have been ready to put the dreary weather aside for a bit. Today was that day, thank God!

Amanda and I (Becky) took the little ones--Bella, Clarity, and Cambria--to the park. It was 73 degress today, so a picnic at the park was in order. If there is a picnic, there must be pictures too! Here are some pictures of our great time. Bella ran and ran and ran... swung on the swings... and kicked an 8 year old who was in her space (she had a talking to about that one).

Let's hope that Spring is around the corner.

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bella's song