In your Easter Bonnet...

The Lucarelli family, including Maximus, has had the opportunity to spend the Easter in North Carolina with Jeremy's family. While Chattanooga has been undergoing some intense weather, we had some pretty huge storms on the Friday that is called Good in Charlotte as well. Jeremy and I were able to walk through the Stations of the Cross at Jeremy's sister's church, Lake Forrest Community Church. Their congregation has been celebrating Lent, culminating in the memorial of Christ's death on the cross through original art work from the congregation and then the Resurrection Day service. Thunder crashed as we read through some of the Old Testament prophecies and New Testament crucifixion accounts of Christ's death on the cross. Jeremy wrote a post about it on his

Saturated grounds, muddy flood plains could not stop us from Isabella's first Easter Egg hunt with her cousins! Ben, Beara, and Bella had a grand old time at Latta Plantation, an old historic home built in the 1800's where Jeremy grew up. Kids were dressed to the 9's, which made the mud and slop even more of an experience. Suffice to say, Bella has inherited her Mom and Dad's competitive spirit, which without the Holy Spirit leads to pushing and shoving unsuspecting egg snatchers out of the way.

Here are some great pictures taken by Jeremy's sister, Amy:

Backyard Soccer

Jeremy's trip to Seattle