This past Sunday I asked the university students and young singles at First Euless to join me in a conversation of prayer over the next two weeks. Traveling from DFW to Charlotte and then driving from Charlotte back to Chattanooga tied us up, but didn't keep us from praying forward. In addition, I wanted to keep y'all updated on the process. A little pre-script before I continue, I debated on whether or not to start a word press blog for both the university ministry and the young singles department. I'm still having that debate in my mind, wanting it to be functional before getting it off the ground. Until then, our conversation will find a temporary home here, on facebook, and on twitter( University Tweets and Singles Tweets ).

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So, I've been doing a lot of thinking this past Summer on the church. I could sit and share numbers and polls, statistics, and testimonies of people our age and in our demographic, but we all have been acquainted with their stories throughout the years. I asked you all to be praying about what God wants us to do for His kingdom. I also asked if you all would pray with one another, getting together for coffee or in someone's living room to pray that God would unite us, centering us around God's kingdom initiative for our city.

As you pray in the next couple of days, would you chew on the following question both individually and with those you are praying with? I know what you might be thinking,

"This guy isn't even here yet and he is already asking us to do stuff..."

Consider, I'm giving you an excuse to spend five bucks on a cup of coffee or chai. I don't want you to post the answers or your thoughts on here, I want to hear from y'all in small groups after I get there. However, just so I know who is involved, post who you're praying with and a simple

Right on!

which will let me know that you've been praying/thinking about these things.

Here are some questions, one major and another to help guide:

Articulate in one sentence the mission Jesus has called the university and singles department to.

(depending on which group you are a part of) [Great prayer hint: Go back to Matthew 5 and prayerfully consider Christ's model prayer]

To help you answer the above, you might need to consider Who is Jesus, what has He accomplished, and what has He sent us to do?

Thanks, in advance, for continuing to participate in what God is doing!

I'll be there August.24th, officially, moving into the apartment August.22nd. At some point, I have to bring one of our cars down there and do a quick fly back to Chattanooga. Hopefully, I'll be able to maximize my time! La Hacienda Ranchero is calling my name.


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