Dying to be Free




They're available to you. Yet, we often find ourselves stuck in a cycle of sin. We engage in sin, apathetic to what we know the result will be, and then it eventually leads to bondage. We sit in shame for a few moments, hours, days, or years... and then we cry out for relief--from pain, fear, and consequences. But the relief is only temporary. We go right back to it with more abandon than before.

Judges 3 paints a similar picture. We see that God left some nations to test Israel. The test--to see if they would obey the commandments. Their fathers had been apathetic in teaching their children the ways of the Lord. A generation arose that did not know God and did not know what He had done for Israel. They didn't know about the Red Sea, the Mountain of God, the Sons of Korah, the spies, the Rock, the Jordan, Rahab, or Jericho. They lived in the lap of luxory from their parents' endevors in the promised land. They were comfortable. They were tolerant. They were enslaved.

Tonight we evaluated some similarities in our own lives. We looked at I Corinthians 10:6-14

John 8:34-36

Matthew 1:21

James 1:12-14

and Romans 6:1-14

Freedom exists. Deliverance is possible. Rescue is available. If you've been free from sin, then your job is to kill it. To no longer present the members of your body as slaves to unrighteousness. Present yourselves to God and then memebers of your body as slaves to righteousness.

If you're still in the cycle, if you're not experiencing life, if your enslaved... It's time to die.

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