S.L.O.W Tanzania

There are over 526,000 Masai people in Tanzania. The average person earns $210 per year.

Yes, the statistic is true: American Christians spend more money on food for their dogs per year than funding gospel centered mission efforts among the nations. Thank you to the many of you who have given to financially support your fellow disciple-making, DNA carriers on the upcoming trips to Tanzania.

There is a desperate need for church planters and disciple-makers throughout the entireity of Tanzania. Yet, there is also a great need for pastors to be trained and equipped. On average, one pastor oversees 20 congregations. You can read more of how to pray for Tanzania inĀ Operation World. Three waves of teams from First Euless, theGATHERING, and other E3 partner churches are going to be working, centralizing efforts in Arusha and Tabora.

We must pray.

What if we all presented our request, centered around the purpose of taking the gospel, and asked God to do something? What if we united our voices, throughout DFW and the world, to pray.

In order to mobilize theGATHERING community to pray, we've determined to SLOW down. Synchronize your swatches. Set your alarms on your phone to go off at 1:00 PM or set up an appointment with yourself at 1:00 PM every day. If you have the opportunity, call someone on the phone and pray with them. If not, no matter what you're doing, pray for our people. Each day an update to our twitter feed will hit (and will hopefully be carried over to the facebook page). If you're not on twitter, get on there to get the update sent directly to your phone. Included below is the prayer calendar (we also have some printed off at the connection desk).

We're calling it SLOW because we want to ask the Lord for the following:

S-Spirit of God to move on the individuals that are SENT (Tanzania, yes; but also the college campuses, work places, apartment complexes), in the ministry of theGATHERING, and in your life.

L-LEADERS (we call them servants) of theGATHERING (Wednesday night leaders, Sunday Connection leaders, and Community Group leaders) to be led by God and firmly established in His Word.

O-Others would come to know Christ through the speaking and living of the gospel (Who is one person in your life who needs to know Christ?)

W-What would God have you to do in order to be an answer to some of these prayers TODAY?

groom and pastor - laid back

Preach it

Preach it