Growing Pains

It's always been said that there are two things that are certain: Death and taxes. Throughout the years, people have added another to that list: change. Change is certain. As theGATHERING faith-family is determining to be a gospel-centered, disciple making community, some changes are bound to take place. Change in this regard is good. For the past year we've been talking about the effects of a life that not only speaks the gospel, but lives the gospel in every area of life. We looked at the model of Jesus with the disciples and then the apostles with the churches that they planted. We even hit up Paul's encouragement to Timothy to "estrust these things to faithful men who are able to teach others also" and then Paul's model of this in the church on Crete in Titus 2.

It seems that we can learn from the show Growing Pains at this point. Do you remember that show? This might help flood your mind with memories:

Did you catch the lyrics? If not, listen to them carefully. Consider the Growing Pains that we're experiencing.

theGATHERING is not a church within a church. We do not have our own deacons or elders. We are not a church plant of First Euless. We are apart of the greater faith family of First Euless. As a result, we have an opportunity to connect with the other aspects of ministry within the church. WE have the opportunity to learn from the generation before us and impart truth to the generation below us. Yes, there are areas to serve within the ministry of theGATHERING, but there are many more service opportunities within the rest of the church.

As we put all of these things in the blender over the past year, we've {the leadership of the church + the leadership of theGATHERING} determined that it is a time for a change. As a result, the Wednesday Gathering will now move to Thursday nights at 7:00. Regardless of what we determined to do about the time, we knew that people would have to shift. Yet, because of the following, we felt this was the necessary shift:

1. It will give more people the opportunity to be involved in First Euless EQUIP classes on Wednesday nights. Rubbing shoulders with other generations within the church community.

2. People will no longer have to choose between choir or theGATHERING.

3. It will give people the opportunity to be involved in the discipleship ministries of KIDVENTURE, Young Mom's by Choice, and Preschoolers.

4. Those serving in 360Student Ministry will no longer have to choose between it and theGATHERING.

5. We will be able to keep the earlier time, 7:00, and continue chilling afterward.

6. theGATHERING will have Campus West to ourselves on Thursday nights. 360Students will have it to themselves on Wednesday. Win win.

As a result of all of the above, we are going to end theGATERHING on Wednesdays on August 25th. We will shift to Thursdays on September 10th, which will mean that we will have the first week of September off. I'd encourage you to take that Wednesday to check out an EQUIP class.

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Marathon training is hard because of this: #fb