Heat + Thorns = MAKE WAR

Many are starting to acknolwedge the heat in their lives. God's unwavering agenda is to make us holy. Notice, He doesn't ask us about what situations that we'd like to be put in to bring about this result. His sovereignty rules over these situations. 

Many, too, are starting to see the thorns. Oh, they have always been there. The heat only shows us what was already on the inside. We have that choice--allow the Lord to search our hearts and take it to the cross.... or continue to be an ineffective child of God, paralyzed and unfruitful (2 Peter 1)

Are you unfruitful

Are you ineffective?

What is our response?

Through Abiding in Christ...

Through the Spirit of God...


Read Romans 8:13 - Mortify the flesh by the power of the Spirit.


God has placed me in multiple situations this week where the Heat has been hot! The opportunity to respond either in meekness--unlimited power under control of the Spirit--or wrath has been overwhelming. He has used it to expose multiple thorn bushes that originate from my heart. They aren't the big, huge thorn bushes like the ones that I saw in Africa. You know, the ones that you can see from miles away. They are the ones that are small, but they get stuck like a splinter and they just grow and grow. 

I, too, am continuing to learn to MAKE WAR! With my identity in Jesus (Read Romans 6 and Romans 8), through the power of the Spirit of God, and with the deadly weapon of the Word of God. I'm making war on those places in my heart.

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