Radical Experiment

theGATHERING Community is praying about a beefy commitment next year. In an age group where the word commitment has people running in fear, we've determined that Jesus' commands demand radical obedience. As a faith family, we're praying about 5 specific commitments for 2011 as apart of the Radical Experiment. Will you pray about taking on these 5 challenges?

1. I will pray for the entire world.

2. I will read through the entire Word.

3. I will sacrafice my money for a specific purpose.

4. I will spend time in another context.

5. I will commit my life to a multiplying community.

On January 1, we'll have the Radical Commitment online. It will be a piece of paper that you sign;bring to church; we make a copy, and attempt to partner with you in what God is going to do in your heart in 2011. In addition, we'll get you resourced with the different things that will help you during this process.

Your goal, over the next week, is to pray about whether or not the Lord would have you up your game. In addition, begin thinking about the answer to this question with each of the 5 challenges:

"To make this commitment real in my life,  I choose here and now to specifically _______"

Go through each of the commitments and determine how you're going to make it happen. For example, "Over the next year I will pray for the entire world. To make this commitment real in my life, I choose here and now to specifically purchase a copy of Operation World and read/pray through it each day."

If you're considering it, leave a quick comment and/or post it on someone else's wall. We want to pray for you and for them.

Excited: awareness + @dfwgathering community + 5krun + @IJMHQ = Liberation

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