Radical Experiment: Jumpstart

The following is an update on the Radical Experiment. If you are unfamiliar, please start here. It's almost here. 2011 is a few hours away. You've determined that 2011 will be radically different from the past years. No, we're not taking about a resolution that will end before January is out--eating right, working out, or an IronMan. We're talking about disciplining yourself for godliness... accurately handling the Word of truth... following Jesus on mission to seek and save those who are lost... being a missionary in our culture. Thus, the Radical Experiment.

I will pray for the entire world

Begin praying on January 01.

As said earlier, either go to the online version of Operation World. Or get a copy of the book.

Read through the Word

In 2011 you've commited to read through the entire Word of God. There are several different plans and resources that can help you do this, but I've found that the best way to read through the Word is chronologically. It's pretty standard in the first few books, you'll have some of Job thrown in there, but it gets really helpful once you get to the history books of the Old Testament.

Here is the deal, use all of your technology in order to help you out with this. I have a reading plan through my Logos Bible Software. It synchs with my ICal and tells me what I need to be reading that day. In the morning, I get up with a strong cup of coffee and find a quiet place to sit, which is in front of the fire right now. I have the word in one hand, pen in the other and a journal on my lap. Now, you don't have a couple hundred to spend on Logos, so use the free stuff.

Go here for the chronological reading plan. Begin reading on January 1.

You can either subscribe to the RSS so that it goes straight to your reader or email every day, or you can click the Ical button and have it go to your calendar, so that you can set up some updates and alarms. Again, I usually read the Word first and then pray.

I will sacrifice my money for a specific purpose

In the coming weeks, we'll let you know about some resources that will help you out on this journey. For many of you, it the need to allow the Gospel to transform your spending and, more specifically, your view on debt. Begin praying now for a specific, God-sized project for our entire community.

I will spend my time in another context

Begin praying now about where the Lord would have you to go. Some of you are already thinking through some of the First Euless trips. However, many of you are considering long term trips over the Summer with either the IMB or through Focus. We'll have some resources for you at the Connection Desk. Let us know, we'd love to pray with you through these things.

Commit my life to multiplying community

  • The first part of this journey involves taking the step of membership at First Euless. For more information on membership, view First Euless' Membership Site and consider the make-up of theGATEHRING Communities's DNA.
  • Community Groups will be a large part of this multiplication aspect over 2011. More information will be given to you throughout the month of January, but if you're interested in becoming apart of a Community Group that multiplies, begin praying about it now. We will follow-up with some registration forms within the next two weeks.
  • Connection Groups over the next six months will help you become equipped with the necessary tools to multiply community. Throughout the Winter we're going to focus on Spiritual Gifts, while in the Spring we will consider how be an instrument of change with a Gospel-centered life.

If you haven't already, please say "I'm in!" so that we can pray with you.

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