theGATHERING Word+Worship Update

It’s with mixed emotions, the foundation of fervent prayer and the counsel of others that I write this post. On Sunday, after months of seeking the Lord, I made the announcement that theGATHERING’s Thursday night Word + Worship is taking a hiatus. As we prayed, our offices looked at the amount of time and energy expended each week in preparation as well as the budget it took to pull off theGATHERING.

Everything was on the table.

With Connection, the development of Community Groups, Thursday’s Gathering and the other pastoral responsibilities from our office, I’ve realized that something had to give. I realized that it isn’t sustainable. The message from this past Summer continues to haunt me, “Sometimes the good robs us of the best.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I find no greater joy than expounding upon the gospel with you. I love teaching others how to mine the truths of the Word of God for themselves. It is a massive part of my calling. Yet, like you, we only have a certain amount of hours each day. We want to make sure that each dollar and each moment of time is redeemed and intentionally used toward the purpose of glorifying God by making disciples.

Will I be neglecting my calling? Oh no, I'll still be discipling others in the word.

Are people in the word? Yes!

Have people learned how to begin inductively studying the word for themselves? Absolutely, praise the Lord!

There are Bible studies within our group and within the greater family of First Euless because people have been discipled and they take the mandate to disciple others seriously. For those people that the Spirit has raised up, we’re so grateful.

Whether or not you were there on Sunday when the announcement was made, I realize that you too may have some mixed emotions. While it might be difficult to swallow, please know that we’re still going to be diving in on Sundays. Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • If you’re wanting to continue learning how to study the word, there are countless equip classes throughout the week and many of our crew are already actively involved (!
  • If you’re always being poured into, the Spirit may be calling you to serve others by discipling them in how to get into the word of God for themselves. Could it be that not having Thursday night in your schedule frees you up to be intentional with someone else?

I hope that you can look past the change and inconvienance to you and consider the heart behind the change. I pray that you can see that we’re trying to apply what Jesus has been teaching us.

How can we in the church best unleash the people of God in the Spirit of God with the Word of God for the glory of God in the world?

  • How can we most effectively mobilize the people of theGATHERING to accomplish the Great Commission?
  • How can we most effectively organize the leadership of theGATHERING to accomplish the Great Commission?
  • Does our ministry budget reflect the desires and design of God in his Word?
  • Are all the programs we have created (Thursday Gathering) the absolute best way to advance the gospel from our community to the ends of the earth?
  • What good things do we have or what good things are we doing that we need to abolish or alter for greater ends

Please also know that the mission has not changed. Our mission is still to bring glory to God by making disciples who image God with their identity rooted in the gospel, view all of life as worship, grow as gospel-centered learners, do life in gospel-centered community, love others as selfless gospel-centered servants, and live as missionaries sent by Jesus. This change will help us focus our efforts and our money toward that end.

Please let me know if you have any questions, need help getting connected to an equip class or are looking for a place to serve others.


Jesus is All,

Jeremy Lucarelli


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