Party of five

I finished teaching Abraham with theGATHERING men a month ago. We covered, "God is the opener and closer of the womb." God is funny.


The Lucarelli family has, indeed, grown by two feet! Mid-November, we'll be welcoming the newest bambino/bambina. Yes, we realize that this messes with the easy kiddo birthday system that we've had up until this point. Each of our kiddos have been born on holidays or special occasions. Yet, I'm sure that Becky won't be thrilled at the prospect of waiting until Thanksgiving, so mid-November it will be.

The Lucarelli defense will move from man to man to zone. We've been longingly looking at caravans too, though I still think a four door Wrangler will do the trick.

Me and Becky are both from large families, so we're grateful that our kiddos may get to experience the same. Yes, we're at three right now... but I still can't get past a little four year old orphan I met on my first trip to Zambia--Noah. Every oversees trip I go on, Becky is convinced that I'll return with a little one. More on our adoption prospects later.

Just for clarification, how many arrows are in a quiver that is full?