Count the Cost Webcast
At times it is a hot blast, while at others a slow, steady flame. The Spirit of God has been blowing the embers of this fire for quite some time.

It isn't a flash in the pan, but rather the steady breath of the Spirit of God blowing, ever slowly in the hearts of men and women throughout the globe. It flickered on and off with the prophets, but beautifully ignited into the constant flame with the cross of Christ. The Spirit masterfully blew the blaze in the lives of Peter and John, stoking the fire with the death of Stephen and the Dispersion from Jerusalem. The blaze continues today.
The way you're responding right now to what is going on in the world with our brothers and sisters says a lot about your view of Jesus."
I put the coffee cup down. I looked at my fiend and asked for some clarity. "Help me understand what you're saying!" My friend and I continued our conversation about our view of Jesus, our view of the universal body of Christ, and our view of what is happening around the world in the lives "of whom the world was not worthy."
On Tuesday night at 8PM EST we have a unique opportunity to gather around and have a conversation. Precept Ministries David Arthur and I will be having a similar conversation as the one described above. Our time will be marked by inductive Bible study on the topic of Counting the Cost. We'd love for you to join us. While the Precept Live Webcast is free, you do need to register.
Why do you think it is difficult for Christians in the West to count the cost? 
Please leave your comments below. We'll use them on Tuesday night.