Culture Charcuterie 12.4.15

Culture Charcuterie 12.4.15


Here is a serving of some posts that have gotten us thinking this week. Enjoy! Better yet, think and pray! WHAT WE LOOSE WHEN WE PRAYER SHAME POLITICIANS AFTER A MASS SHOOTING - Russell Moore's piece response to the Daily New's cover that calls those who are praying for the families of victims in San Bernadito cowards.

CHRISTMAS MEANS GOD IS FIXING THIS - Same horrific topic, but from the perspective of Denny Burk. It depicts the intersection of tragedy and redemption.

WHAT DONALD TRUMP GETS WRONG ABOUT CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY - It is hard to believe that the next Presidential election is less than a year away. Whether you're full on into politics and the news cycles or if you're just getting some of the soundbytes, we all have the responsibility as children of God to be like the men of Issachar - understanding the times. This post in the Washington Times was written by Michael Gerson. It is an Op-ed piece that deals with Trump's recent attacks on Carson's religious experience. Interesting read.

5 MYTHS ABOUT ROSA PARKS - 60 years ago this week Rosa Parks was used to change the course of history. In this Washington Times piece, Justin Taylor explains away 5 common myths about this phenomenal lady.