Transform: Boot Camp: James 5 Part Deux

Last night I was humbled to speak at the second week of Precept's Boot Camp. A fresh crop of 14-18 year olds learning how to mine the depths of God's Word for themselves prepared to go home to the reality of a generation that does not love truth. In my typical fashion, the last time I spoke I barely got through my introduction. In try number 2 I felt that the Lord gave me clarity of thought, economy of time and precision in regards to the application of treasuring Christ. We looked at Luke 12, focusing on the parable of the rich fool where Jesus states that life is not about accumulating stuff. We concluded that the individuals in James 5 who were labeled as rich were definately not belivers because of both the context of James and Jesus' radical call to discipleship in Matthew 16--"If anyone wishes to come after Me He must first deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me."

So, if they are singing the repetative song of the world, "Money makes the world go round" then they aren't believers! Man! Well, what is a beliver, a James type real, genuine, faith in action believer look like? We jumped to Ephesians 5:15-17 and Colossians 3:1-5--SINCE you have ben raised with Christ... keep seeking the things above. In the life of the believer, Christ is our life according to Paul. The son or daughter of God rejects the song of the world and realizes that, "Where your treasure is there lies your heart!"

James gives encouragement to the bros in James 5 to wait patienty, endure and wait for the last days through prayer. We jumped over to 2 Timothy 3, making the connection that we are in the last days... men being lovers of pleasure and lovers of money... but we are to continue in the sacred writings--the word of God that brings one to salvation. So, if we are listening to the song of materialism that is all around us and being influenced by it, we are not intent on the things above or treasuring Christ. Finally, the treasure of Christ shines more vividly and brightly in the midst of suffering and loss, not prosperity. The following is a video that I used to get past my 39 minute introduction! (I'm not sure why there is no sound... I'll get to the bottom of it)

RedNeck Karaoke and Fireworks!!!

MaMa and the King