RedNeck Karaoke and Fireworks!!!

Everyone knows that our life is a sitcom. Let me explain-our July 4th plans had been cancelled due to kiddie illness. We were looking forward to some time together as a family--grilling out, going for a long walk, and watching the fireworks on TV. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon it sounded like we were in the middle of a concert pavillion, with Johnny Cash and Lyle Lovett wannabees outside our back patio. Oh the neighbors! We have many neighbor stories, but like to pull those out over dinner or coffee... but this one... I wish I would have got it on video! Redneck Karaoke was set up almost in our backyard for all of Chattanooga to hear. Becky was upstairs, taking a shower... 'bella was in bed... Becky came downstairs and we both just stared in amazement as 50 or so people were boozin up, singing horribly and getting their jig under the big oak tree. Around 5:30 we couldn't take it any more, so we left. When we returned around 9, that is when the Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture occurred all around our house. Every neighbor, on every side invested in hundreds of dollars worth of firecrackers! Instead of setting them off at a safe distance, they began shooting them down the road. It was a war between the neighbors... I could hear the trumpets as the booms and bangs erupted all around. As 'bella tried to sleep through the night, we just decided to go outside and watch. We came in around midnight... the fireworks continued until 3--Unbelievable! The next day, paper from the spent fireworks was everywhere.

Hickory Grove Baptist Church (North)

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