Transform:The Night Before Evil

God has orchestrated these days.

Tomorrow, 300 students from across the country will begin their journey to Chattanooga for Precept's Transform Conference: The problem of EVIL.

Countless hours have been spent pouring over the material and the minute details (not by me, but by the Transform Staff). There are a lot of questions with this topic... deep, soul searching questions that shake the foundations of belief and practice. Is the Sovereign God the Author of Evil? Theologians have stumbled over this question for centuries. Augustine attempted an answer, as did Edwards and countless others in-between, but none compares with God's word.

Many of the students traveling to Precept are experiencing the pains of EVIL in their homes. Abuse, divorce, drug addiction, homosexuality, cutting... Evil is among us. Please pray for these students as they encounter the God who is El Elyon--The God Most High. As they consider Job (specifically chapters 1 and 2) and how God allows EVIL... how we are not to be overcome by EVIL(Rom 12)... and how the cross of Christ, the greatest ordained EVIL, brought about the greatest good.

Please pray for Ritchie Johnson as he prepares to communicate God's Word on a tough subject. Tough because of misconceptions in the culture... even more tough because of the hearts in the audience that are broken because of how they have been scarred by EVIL. Pray that Hosea's affirmation may be sung at the end of the weekend:

"Come, let us return to the LORD. For He has torn us, but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us."

Also, please pray for the small group leaders that will be facilitating the discussions on Job and various other passages on suffering and tenacity. Pray that the staff and volunteers will be aware of the hurts, but not be afraid to allow students to mourn over sin in order to experience the healing of the cross. Also, pray that the Lord will orchestrate the behind the scenes details (sounds, lighting, media, food service, room conversations, travel...) Pray for Brooke Ritterbush as all of her plans and details get set into motion... Pray for divine energy for all of the adults/college students working the event.

Pray that eyes will be opened and that the Lord will equip this generation to allow God to use their battle wounds for His glory.

*I can't go into the craziness that has surrounded this weekend/topic among those whom I know... but it has been one of those messages where you not only hear and read it, but you experience it and see it in the lives of others.

Jeremy LUCArelli

The Misery of Job; The Mercy of God