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The crafting of a Precept study

We’re asked all of the time, “How do you all write your studies?” Some joke around and say that they thought Kay Arthur, one of our founders, goes up on a mountain and then comes back down with a written Precept Upon Precept study. In a day and age, when there is so much content available through social media and blogging, you might be surprised at our process!

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Elijah - How God Prepares a Prophet for Battle

On the afternoon of Day 1 of the Precept Holy Land Tour, we transitioned from Caesarea by the Sea to Mt. Carmel. Though it is only a forty-minute bus ride, the difference in terrain from the Mediterranean Sea to the Carmel range is significant. On top of one of the highest points on the western edge of Carmel is Stella Maris, a Catholic monastery which serves as a reminder of the epic battle that took place here.

Highlight the Humble | Papa Dave

I’m asked all of the time, “What’s the deal with the colored pencils?” People in community group may borrow one of our Bibles, or some folks are just starting to dip their toes into the ocean of inductive Bible study. Through this process, you learn how to mark key repeated phrases which serve to unlock the meaning of the text. I’d like to highlight a person and not a word…

A Pastor, Precept, and Philippians!

Let me me introduce you to some of our Precept Bible Study Leaders that were in the middle of their Precept Leader Training experience. Also, let me introduce you to Pastor Vincent from Denver, Colorado. He was introduced to Precept when he was in the Air force through one of our Essentials of Inductive Bible Study Training Workshops. Now, he is serving as a pastor, asking the Lord to use Precept's Inductive Bible Study Method to help him make disciples that make disciples! You'll love hearing from him and the other leaders as well! (Video in post) 

You're not the lightning bolt

Our team at Precept Ministries International has developed Lightning Studies. They're called Lightning Studies because they're just that - quick, stunning, and unique. Some folks want Lightning Studies to last a long time. Imagine how crazy it would be for a flash of lightning to stick around for forty-five minutes or an hour!

Nope. That's not fast enough.

Two Essential Questions of Bible Study & Busta'rhyme

Go deeper. Get to the foundation.

Here is the thing about inductive Bible study - it is a tool. It isn't about remembering the Bible, but that happens. It isn't about making lists or charts, but that happens too. It isn't so much about remembering the chronology or the geography or even the importance of context, though all of that happens too. First and foremost, it is about God. Inductive Bible study starts and ends with God.