End of Semester Dance

We're celebrating the end of the semester over here... Jeremy has nailed Greek 3, with only one more language semester left thank God!

I just finished editing his eternal paper on "The Unity, Diversity, and Progress of Redemption." When I say eternal...
We're also pumped around the house because the Veracity Group has finally finished writing our study on Exodus, which will be available from Precept the first of the year. 5 studies are rolling out Jan. 1--Joshua, Judges, Abraham, Joseph and now Exodus! To check 'em out, go to Precept's estore

Through out every year of college Jeremy would celebrate the end of the semester with a little dance. Over the years, the family has started to join is as well. So, we've been dancing a lot around here, especially the little one! Those of you with photobooth... some video responses may be in order!

"Happy Happy Christ!"

The Misery of Job; The Mercy of God