Audience Particpation: TrueFaced

Audience Particpation: TrueFaced


It is a rarity that one enjoys the required reading! The back sleeve read,"The day of self-righteous, religious performing for cheap applause is coming to an end." Eye catching, but soul searching as well.

I'm reading this book for an assignment. After reading, I'm supposed to ask 2 questions (where you come in): What mask are you prone to wearing? Why? (You can either comment on here, or send me a message on facebook. I need 50 responses by January 15)

Basic premise of the book, the two roads that diverged in a wood... one is trying to please God and the other is trusting God. Both sound great. One is active, the other seems a bit passive. One well traveled and worn, while the other is rarely experienced. The one less traveled makes all the difference. One results in striving that never feels it has done enough to please God and others. The other results in a trust that experiences his full pleasure. TrueFaced is one of those books that takes the simple things that you've known forever, thought about repeatedly, but rarely lived in the light of in the day to day. This book takes the true-gospel and communicates the message of grace without minimizing the call of the cross. The age old discussion of works based salvation and sanctification vs. grace finds a relevant voice, echoing saints through the centuries. Yet, if grace is real, if one really trusts the grace, strength, and hope that Christ offers... then why do we wear masks?

"As you have received the Lord, Jesus Christ so walk in Him." We've been relocated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the Son, but for some reason we feel that we have to "pull up our boot straps, be sold out, or try harder" and then God will be pleased. Just as we've received Christ by grace through faith, so we are to continue to walk in Him by grace through faith... or, from faith to faith.


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