Israel War Zone

I'm up early this morning. (written pre-coffee)

I've been reading up on the crisis in Israel, assured by the Old Testament prophecies as I pray for true peace. The resilliance of this people throughout the centuries should astound the world; however, many disregard the rich history, doomed to make the same mistakes again. Just yesterday I was considering Precept's Israel Tour for mine and Becky's 5 year anniversary. I find it difficult, at times, to pray for people or places where I've never experienced the culture, people, and flair. The Lord brought my mind to the prophecies in Ezekiel concerning the day when the new covenant will be realized in the nation (read 36-39). In addtion, I've started studying Jeremiah in preparation for a class I'll be leading in a couple of weeks, all illumining what is happening right now, driving my thoughts towards this nation.

Jeol Rosenberg offers these prayer points on his blog:

The Joshua Fund is doing everything we can to stand with these and other friends and to let them know that they are not alone. We are mobilizing evangelical Christians all over the world to pray for peace on the Israel-Gaza border and to show unconditional love and unwavering support.

We are asking you and others to continue praying for wisdom and courage for Israel’s leaders as they seek to decimate the Hamas terrorist infrastructure and reacquire the deterrence factor lost during the 2006 war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Please pray for the half million Israelis living within rocket and missile range of Gaza. They and their children have no idea what today and tomorrow hold. Pray for the Lord to comfort and calm their hearts.

Please pray for the 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza, many of whom find themselves trapped in the crossfire of a war that Hamas started but that they as individuals and families don’t want.

Please pray for the wounded on both sides, and the families who have lost loved ones.

Please also lift up the believers in Jesus in Israel and Gaza who are seeking the Lord’s strength to help them love their neighbors and their enemies in real and practical ways in the name of Jesus.

Pray that the believers can be lights in the darkness, bringing good news and hope to those who feel hopeless and alone.

Finally, please pray that the Lord would be gracious to provide our Joshua Fund leadership team

Appropriate thoughts for the close of 2008

Audience Particpation: TrueFaced

Audience Particpation: TrueFaced