Urgent Church (5) - EXTEND

Urgent Church (5) - EXTEND

Our holy-angst continues.

As we look at the word, we understand that things are not as they should. We've seen that the AD30 church was dangerous, dynamic, and successful on mission because they were taught by the Master-disciple-maker.

We look to Jesus to determine the DNA for theGATHERING.

We've seen that Jesus cultivated relationships to evangelize, but He moved people toward being established and equipped as well. The purpose of establishing and equipping not to have smarter, believers... but to send the saints into the world for service. Jesus' call for every disciple to EXTEND.

First we started with a reminder from our friend Lacrae:

Then we continued evaluating Christ's mission from the Luke 24. The notes from the presentation are below, in case you missed it. We were gripped by the call to wait for the Holy Spirit, realizing that we've often emphasized methods, programs, and personality instead of fully depending upon the Spirit of God, the Spirit of witness.

We, too, were gripped by the following video:

Finally we heard from our own who have been to Africa and other remote parts of the world. We were challenged the conversation with them, motivated by their testimonies. For those of you that were there, what was the thing that resonated with you? Some of the comments:I felt like I was walking in the Bible. Walking beside Jesus, on mission with Him.

They see it so simply--God's word says it, I choose faith, and I'm going to obey it.

Going developed a sense of urgency--what if these people never hear the gospel? What if it is their last chance? What if the people around me at home never fully hear the gospel?

We are numb, asleep to God's mission and purpose back in the States.

In preparation for the trip, I prayed for 8 months. God moved as I prepared and prayed. Why don't I pray today, asking the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the opportunities around me at work, at lunch, or in my family?

If something stirred within you, may I encourage you to do something now--pray. Take the passport that was given to you and ask God to give you a burden for the lost. Ask him to make you realize what it means to be an ambassador of Christ.

Also, those that have gone... you can't take an Africa pill every day to remind you of your experience. You can, however, be motivated by the counless testimonies of "those of whom the world was not worthy." Included below is a list of resources to spur you own toward EXTENDING, taking the gospel to the unreached, infecting them with the gospel, and planting the church to carry out the mission of God in that culture.

The job is not done in the world that Christ gave us to do... the mandate is still binding upon us today... GO, SEND, OR DISOBEY -- John Piper

Having seen this, you can choose to look the other way, but you can never again say, 'I did not know' --William Wilberforce

Resources: In addition to those that are in your passport

Too Small To Ignore-why the least of these matters most

Revolution in World Missions free copy!

Let the Nations Be Glad-the supremacy of God in missions by John Piper. Other online resources available here.

Peace Childby Don Richardson


International Missions Board

Gospel for Asia


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