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Meet our Neighbors

Five years ago, our family was in a dark spot. We were wondering what God was doing, asking him for clarity and clear steps. One afternoon, Becky was at the playground with our two kids. Moms upon moms were there, trying to catch a moment of sanity and adult conversation while the little monkeys, I mean, while the kids got rid of some energy. In the course of the conversation, Becky geared up to share the gospel. Little did she know, the mom she was talking to was gearing up to do the same thing. We’ve been fast family friends ever since

Urgent Church (5) - EXTEND

Our holy-angst continues.

As we look at the word, we understand that things are not as they should. We've seen that the AD30 church was dangerous, dynamic, and successful on mission because they were taught by the Master-disciple-maker.

We look to Jesus to determine the DNA for theGATHERING.