What's in your backyard?

What's in your backyard?


"The Lord is with you; Oh Valiant warrior"and "Go in this your strength and deliver... have I not sent you" most likely haunted Gideon.

The task - Huge

The risk - Insurmountable

The companions - FEW

How can someone go from being a fearful man in hiding, one who questions God's faithfulness, to a man who is used to lead a nation to defeat the oppressing enemy?

The promise : God is with you The command : Go... deliver

Unpacking Judges 6:25-32, asking God to reveal what's in our backyard. Gideon had some idols to smash up. Asking the Spirit to reveal the same to us.

"God, IF You'll then I'll..."

Paralyzed, Problems, and the Presence