Paralyzed, Problems, and the Presence

Inadequacy Discouragement


Constantly being beat down everywhere you turn?

Weak, faltering, doubting, faith-less?

The children of Israel had lived in bondage for a total of 43 years. The cycle of sin continues, each time the progression of captivity and oppression intensifying. Within the worst oppression Israel has experienced, a strange hero with staggering faith emerges, speaking volumes to our current situation today. Though circumstances and experiences are tough, learn the truth that can be yours in the gospel--"The Lord is with you; oh, valiant warrior."


Next week we will continue studying chapter 6, focusing on 6:25-35. In order to dig deeper, take some time this next week to read over the passage, considering the context of the oppression from Midian.

One helpful thing would be to mark each reference to God, the Lord, or the Spirit of the Lord. Take time, when marking, to focus on what you learn about the Lord in that instance. You may even write what the Lord says about Himself in this section.

Finally, try to focus on the main point of the text. Don't make it too difficult, but slow down and summarize what each section of the text is about.

"The Lord is with you; oh, valiant warrior"

What's in your backyard?

What's in your backyard?

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