Aight, we've talked about it, but it's time to get to gettin. You're in the midst of finals week. Many of you have turned in all of those papers and projects. I've still got a few to turn in this week and next. I've realized, now that I've been here for 3 months, that running is a way to keep me sane. I never thought I would say it, but it's true. We've been talking about half-marathons and full marathons for the past couple of weeks. There is 18 weeks until the Big D Marathon (April 11) and 12 weeks until the Cow-town. If you're interested, go here: to get a training program (I'm doing Novice 1). We'll probably have some people get together for long runs on Saturday mornings. At the beginning of the year, I may even join a running club at Luke's Locker if any of you are interested.

It's official, as I told Joe and Stoneking the other day, because I've started training for it... but you're going to want to sign up and register for it too. Comment here if your thinking about either one.