"Biblically measured"

We're cultivating the soil of our hearts in order to bear much fruit. In order to follow after Jesus, to be His disciple, we must come to place where we are intent on imitating and becoming like Him. All of life is centered around that one thing: Knowing God and being transformed into His image.We look to Him to lead us in this endeavor.

In order to follow Him these things must take place:

1. A disciple submits to the authority of  the Teacher

2. A disciple learns the words of the Teacher

3. A disciple learns the methods of the Teacher

4. A disciple imitates the life and character of the Teacher

With all of this in mind, we have some ways for you to awaken to what God wants to do in your heart through His Spirit and the Word of God. We're going to give you every opportunity to allow the Word of God to take root in your heart through our Connection Classes.

Starting January 10th at 9:15 we're going to begin a 6 week journey. You're going to commit to a group that is going to walk through a text & topic together. Included below is a list of the topics. Know that it isn't merely a topical bible study, but rather a study that will force you to wrestle with God's Word for yourself through inductive study. In other words, you're going straight to the source, allowing God to be your teacher, so that it comes directly from Him to you. Through the topics you'll discover truth for yourself, what God says, and how it applies to your life in community today.

2 things for you to do before Sunday:

1. Prayerfully consider which class and community the Lord is leading you to roll up your sleeves and get messy with. Remember, prayer + Word is where we're at.

2. Ask the Lord to bring two or three people to your mind. Intercede for them. Ask the Lord to bring them to the place where they connect with us as we unpack these huge truths. If the people you pray for need a little word of encouragement to connect with us this Sunday... then send them a message via facebook, post this to your page, send it via twitter, write it up in an email.. use the social media tools.

The Connection Classes:

Be REAL-For the guys

religion or relationship? churched or changed? Discover what it means to be real, authentic, and genuine in a relationship with God. Get to the core of what life with God through Christ is really about.

FORGIVE-all the single ladies

As imperfect people living in an imperfect world, we eventually find ourselves needing to extend or receive forgiveness in nearly every relationship. But when the wounds run deep, forgiveness doesn't come easy. Discover how to forgive when the pain is great, whether or not forgiving means forgetting, and what happens if someone chooses not to forgive.

PERSEVER -An all guys class and an all girls class

Did you think all the problems we're going to go away when you become a believer?Do you look at others and they seem to have it altogether, but you feel like you're on a roller coaster of one trial to the next? Discover how to respond to life's most difficult challenges and find hope to live for one thing.


Knowing and operating out of your identity in Christ; do you think life is a checklist of do's and dont's? Do you think the Christian life is simply about trying harder? Discover principles about who you are in Christ and how it can make all the difference in every area of your life.

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