TRADER: trading in something small in order to gain something great. Many of you have asked what we're doing to help those in Haiti. We're so thankful for the millions in relief that have been given through the Red Cross and other reputable organizations. Our prayer, however, is that you will be motivated to pray and give to those who will meet both physical needs and spiritual needs.

Our church community is giving through the Southern Baptist Convention. The International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, and the Southern Baptist Texas Convention. You can also give through writing "Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief" on a check and turning it into the church. The Southern Baptist organizations have stated that all resources donated will go directly to relief and none to administrative costs.

If you'd like to give more than a one time gift, you may want to consider either Compassion International or Churches Helping Church. Compassion works through the local churches on the ground in order to bring the gospel to children. Churches Helping Churches seeks to motivate churches in the West to apply Galatians 6:10.