E3 Egyptian prisoners set free

e3 Regional Director, Middle East-Central Asia:
Dear Friends, 
Thank you for praying for the Egyptian believers who work with e3, who were arrested Friday for sharing their faith. They were all released from prison last night!!  As it turns out, 7 were arrested—4 women and 3 men. We talked with a leader in the country and sadly he told us that each of them was beaten while in prison. "The treatment was cruel and harsh." Yet, they are not in the least bit disheartened by the ordeal but rather are filled with joy. They are thankful to have suffered for Christ and said "tell the American brothers and sisters that we love them and thank them for being fervent in prayer for us."
God's faithfulness is amazing. One Middle East leader just called to say that normally when believers are arrested for sharing Christ in this country they are not seen or heard from in at least 2-3 months. God moved mountains to release them so quickly. Your prayers were a big part of this. Thank you for telling friends, family, Bible Studies and your churches to join us in prayer. Some of you emailed to say that your pastor prayed for them during worship this morning. One email that we received yesterday said that the Jewish believers in Israel were praying. We received prayer emails from around the world. All of this must have blessed the heart of God.
Please continue to pray for the safety of our 7 brothers and sisters in Christ who will be watched wherever they go from now on. We also ask that you be discreet with this email too. 


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