Fall Advance : Perception

On October 15-17, around 65 brave souls embarked upon the first annual Fall Advance. The following are some highlights:

  • driving in the middle of nowhere Glen Rose at night; turning around 10 times
  • The TP, need we say more
  • First night-Gospel Gap and napkin holders in the cafeteria
  • Still not sure what that "Signs" game was
  • Guys-snoring contest in cabin 2 night one; mass exodus of room on night 2
  • Panorama view during Saturday morning teaching
  • Big Rocks Park? Hmmmm
  • "Uh, I don't think this is the right chapel!?@"
  • The right chapel - glorious time of communion
  • Heat + Thorns + Cross + Fruit of Faith
  • The Glorious Midnight Survivor + Amazing Race
  • Text message from @amyalbin: "I can't find the waterfall anywhere!"
  • Randy West - "Dude, the glowstick lights the way; right on!"
  • "Do we have to jump into the lake?"
  • "Excuse me, do you have a clue in here?"

What were some of your other moments? (Post 'em below)

Here is the pdf of the retreat packet. We were going to fill the notes in for you, but we thought that it would be kind of like math class in high school when the teacher only gave you the odd questions (when they were in the back of the book).

As stated on the Advance, most of the material was based upon Paul David Tripp's book entitled How People Change. Besides the Bible, it is a foundational book for you to understand the Gospel, Community, and Sanctification (The process of God making you look more like Jesus). You can purchase it through theGATHERING's Resource Page. You can download the first chapter "Gospel Gap" by going to this page.

Finally, we'll be putting up a gallery of pictures from the retreat. Sadly, we didn't get some of the awesome shots from the Amazing Race... because it was midnight and because we were running around laughing at all of you!

Thank you for making this first Advance such an amazing one. The material and community time that we had together will lay the foundation for some of the things that the Lord is desiring to do in our midst. May we ever be aware of the things and situations that tempt to hold us captive... Identity is found in the God we trust. ANY other identity will self-destruct. Be aware of the Gospel Gap. Be aware of the Heat. Let the Lord search your heart for the thorns. And then boast in the Gospel, the cross.

Advance Retreat : "How Marvelous"

Advance Retreat : "How Marvelous"

Radical : Secret Church