All the Single Fellas Deux | Christian Sexuality Man Talk

All the Single Fellas Deux | Christian Sexuality Man Talk


It is important to start in the right place. Sex. I bet that wasn't the place that you thought we were going to start! We got the word out of the way. We're adults. We can talk through what God says about sex. We can talk through what God says in His Word about being a man. Starting places carry some weight. Sex starts with God. It does not start with man. As we consider together this topic, let's start with God. If God is Sovereign...

If God has given us His Word to graciously lead us...

If God is the author of masculinity and the great initiator...

If He desires His glory and our good from every aspect of our lives, including our sexuality...

Then, as the 80's song says--Where have all the good men gone? Will the real Biblical man please stand up?

If you were at theGATHERING this past Thursday (not many of the guys were because of this once in a lifetime thing called the Rangers in the World Series), then you know how we hit the Meekness: Sovereignty of God, responding to the authority of King Jesus in all aspects of life thing... including our sexuality and dating relationships.

Where are you at in this whole thing?

Has the Gospel transformed your dating habits? How?

Has it transformed the type of lady that you find attractive?

Do you have a culture of biblical men surrounding you (band of brothers), holding you accountable, asking you hard questions about your relationships and your thought life?

When you start dating, do you find yourself seperating from gospel-community?

Are you beginning any and all relationships with ladies with the end--gospel-centered, God honoring marriage--in mind? If no, then what do you have in mind?

Have you recognized how the word's system and God's more excellent way are radically opposed to one another?

How does the grace of God drive our sexuality?

If the Gospel changes everything, which it does, then it should change this important aspect of our lives as men.

This is a follow-up post. (Here is the first one)

I hope that over the past few days you were able to find the time to listen to the compelling arguments for a biblical revolution of what it means to be the initiator in a gospel-centered relationship with the opposite sex. If you weren't able to listen, then take the time right now to go back. Download it, dump it on your Iphone or Ipod, go for a walk or listen to it in the car instead of blaring the White Stripes... this one time.

The guys on the teaching session all had about fifteen minutes. I'm sure that you have some major questions, which the original audience did as well. Click here to listen to some of the follow-up questions to this panel of godly men.

A word of caution, brave soul: You might not want to have this one blaring in your office, unless you want the words "Forced Sex" or "Masturbation" blared across the loud speaker. if you do, we need to grab coffee (you'll need to be suited in full pads).

Guys, are there any other things that come to mind when you consider how the gospel re-aligns this part of our lives as men?

Ladies can't resist the bowl cut

Ladies can't resist the bowl cut

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