Josiah William Lucarelli


Merry Christmas, little man! Josiah William Lucarelli was born at 10:12 PM on Christmas; less than two hours away from being born on his dad's birthday. He weighed 8lbs and, as you can see, has a full head of black hair. He's sitting on his momma right now; she is singing "Silent Night" to him. Joey is already a bruiser; trying to take out some nurses and peeing on the doctor as soon as he was born.

His name is Hebrew meaning "supported of Yahweh." You can read why we named him this in 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35. His middle name is William, which is my middle name and both of my grandfather's middle names.

Children, indeed, are a blessing from the Lord.

Post-Joey's first bath

Message from B to Josiah