Radical : 2% in Africa

We're highlighting some of the folks that are up for the Radical Challenge of spending at least 2% of their year in a foreign context. Catch up with the rest of them here. First up, Holly. Last year, Holly went with a team from First Euless to Columbia. Here is a little video of what they did while in Columbia. She returned and jumped into community with other disciple-makers around theGATHERING family while reading Platt's Radical. Throughout that time, God has been expanding her view of the world by consistently praying for a different country every day (another one of the Radical Experiment commitments). She faithfully posts these updates and prayer points to her twitter feed every single day.

Holly has seen the Lord provide through the people of God before, but this trip she will be spending a larger portion of time, which requires a larger portion of money. God is at work in Holly's heart as she continues to discern the will of God for her life as a disciple-maker. In addition to her upcoming trip to Africa, she is praying about an opportunity with the IMB. I'm sure that she'd love your prayers on this matter too.

Here is an update from Holly:

It has been such an encouragement to be involved in the community at First Euless for the past year and a half. Through your support and generosity, I have been given the opportunity to show Christ’s love to the nations.

This trip has now been fully funded, solely based on the amount of donations Christ has compelled you to give. May God receive all the glory and honor!

Blantyre, Malawi

On May 14th, I will head to Blantyre, Malawi with a team of about 22 missionaries. We will be working with mother churches to establish 20+ new mission churches in villages where there are currently none. Most people in Blantyre have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel. In this area, 16% of the population is Muslim. We will be sharing the gospel door-to-door and then leading new believers in discipleship to help them grow in their faith.

On May 22nd, my team leader and I will be flying to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, where we will be meeting up with another team of about 22 missionaries. From there we will be flying to Mtwara.

Mtwara, Tanzania

we will be working with mother churches to establish 70+ new mission churches in villages where there are no churches. As in Malawi, we will be going door-to-door, presenting the gospel and leading new believers in discipleship. In Mtwara, the population is 70% Muslim. I have full confidence and faith that there will be many who come to know the Lord.

How you can pray:

As I prepare for this trip, would you all commit to pray for the following?

· Our team(s) to be fully equipped and unified in Christ so we may more effective show Christ to the African people

· That the people we will be coming in contact with will be ripe for the gospel and eager to hear it

· Spiritual warfare. This is something I am already dealing with! Pray that my focus remains on Christ and what He has me to do on this trip, for His guidance and protection against Satan.

· Pray for the churches that will be planted during this trip, that they may be fruitful and increase in number and in faith

As a bonus, here is a little video of some of the Masia tribe outside of the Ngorongoro Crater, where one of theGATHERING teams visited last May.


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